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On stage, it’s all over the place. The guitar stations are buzzing because something is bothering them. Sound engineer Tevin is desperately looking for a bug in the wiring, which the band regularly incorporates as a kind of test with him. The stage manager is already tapping the clock with his finger: “5 minutes to go”. A man is the calm in person on stage: our backliner Jarek.

Crew, Crew Love: Jarek – BacklinerRest in person

Before he spreads even more hustle and bustle, he pours himself a beer, briefly analyzes the situation on the meta level and then calmly works through his tasks. Even during the concert, the native Pole does not let himself be disturbed by the tenth torn string on Paddy’s guitar. In between, he waves the flag, helps Ian into his pirate costume and brings Dwight one of his twenty instruments. Then it’s time for the highlight of the evening. Jarek reaches into the strings himself at Barrels of Whiskey. Well, those who have enjoyed scout training can not only make fires without matches or lighters. He will also survive a normal evening with the Paddyhats.

Crew, Crew Love: Jarek – Backliner

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