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Volume 8 | 22-09

Gang - OReilly Festival NEW LOGO HIGH TRANSPARENTOLD GANG'S HERALDVolume 8 | 22-09

Last Call: last chance to exchange tickets until 25.09.2022

In just over two months, the time has come: after years of abstinence (it feels like decades of absence), the O'Reilly Festival will take place on 26.11.2022 in Gevelsberg's good parlour. The party of the year takes place in the Sportalm. What a demolition! What you absolutely need to know now, if you had a ticket for the postponed festivals, you can find out here. (more…)
20. September 2022
Gang - PH Ian WackenOLD GANG'S HERALDVolume 8 | 22-09

Our shows until the end of the year – Hematoma tour postponed and without us

Hm, too bad. The Hämatom tour has to be postponed to 2023 for health reasons. Then unfortunately we can no longer be there. We were so looking forward to it. But health comes first of course and we wish Nord a good recovery from the bottom of our hearts and hope that the bilateral ear surgery goes well and that he keeps his hearing. You can read the complete news about the tour postponement here. You can still experience us live a few times until the end of the year. And you can be sure that we will tear down the hut with you. Where? You can find out here. (more…)
20. September 2022
Gang - PH Crew LoveOLD GANG'S HERALDVolume 8 | 22-09

Crew Love: Jarek – Backliner

On stage, it's all over the place. The guitar stations are buzzing because something is bothering them. Sound engineer Tevin is desperately looking for a bug in the wiring, which the band regularly incorporates as a kind of test with him. The stage manager is already tapping the clock with his finger: "5 minutes to go". A man is the calm in person on stage: our backliner Jarek. (more…)
20. September 2022