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Ticket, Last Call: last chance to exchange tickets until 25.09.2022In just over two months, the time has come: after years of abstinence (it feels like decades of absence), the O’Reilly Festival will take place on 26.11.2022 in Gevelsberg’s good parlour. The party of the year takes place in the Sportalm. What a demolition! What you absolutely need to know now, if you had a ticket for the postponed festivals, you can find out here.

Be sure to exchange tickets

Anyone who had a ticket for one of the unusual festivals was and is still asked to exchange their purchased ticket for an online ticket. This is necessary so that we know how many guests we can welcome to the festival. Fortunately, almost everyone did that.

Unfortunately, there are still 1,2 or 3 who haven’t done that yet. However, we now have to get into the final planning and therefore ask all those who still have a hard ticket to carry out the ticket exchange now. So before the last chance is over, there is still the opportunity to carry out the exchange until next Sunday, 25.09.2022 . After that, we will stop the exchange. We ask for your understanding!

But the ticket exchange is really easy and I think that the OLD GANG can do it easily.

  1. Please click on the following link.
  2. On the page in our online shop, please upload a photo of your hard tickets. It is important that we can recognise the ticket numbers.
  3. Then specify how many tickets you want to exchange and make the exchange via the shopping cart.
  4. We’ll take a quick look at the photo and send you the online tickets promptly.

The exchange is completely free of charge. You can of course keep the hard tickets as a souvenir.

Ticket exchange

General Notes

  • The online tickets contain a QR code that is scanned at the entrance.
  • The tickets are personalised, but no ID is required at the entrance. The tickets are therefore also transferable, in case the person on the ticket is unable to attend at short notice.
  • If you have any questions, please contact

Ticket, Last Call: last chance to exchange tickets until 25.09.2022

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