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There is good news and bad news this time. Where should I start?

[newsletter_lock] Yes, the Queen is dead. But I don’t mean that. But it’s also bad news. No, what I mean is: the hematoma support tour in autumn falls into the water or due to illness. Nord, that is the singer of Hämatom (the band members have named themselves after the four cardinal directions), unfortunately has to undergo a bilateral ear operation and in the meantime even had to fear for his hearing. Health comes first and therefore it is more than understandable that the tour is postponed. We wish Nord a good recovery and hope that the surgeries go well. Unfortunately, we and Equlibrium will not be able to be there in the new year.

While I’m still thinking about what we would be called after the cardinal directions… oh come on, we’ll spin it through. Constantly coming up with Irish names is also nonsense. But then the band must not get bigger.

Jones (Drums): South

Connor (Guitar): Southeast

Ian (Chain): East

Paddy (vocals): North-Northeast

Dwight (vocals): North-Northwest

Mia (Fiddle): West

Tom (bass): Southwest

Sounds like a weather forecast. But our band name sounds more like an Irish family celebration than a punk rock party. Well, if you think we should change the stage names, feel free to write to us.

But now further in the text. There is one very good and important thing: the O’Reilly Festival on 26.11. takes place and is sold out. However, there are still a handful of ticket holders who have not yet exchanged their tickets for an online ticket. You, dear Gang, must have done this urgently by next Sunday, 25.09.2022. We then enter the final planning phase. We ask for your understanding. [/newsletter_lock]


Gang, Hey gang, it’s Tom.

Gang, Hey gang, it’s Tom.

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