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On 28.06.2024 the single “Dancing Scars” was released in a feature with our Italian friends from The Rumpled. Be sure to listen in.

dancing scars, Feature with The Rumpled “Dancing Scars”

Single Dancing Scars in feature with The Rumpled

dancing scars, Feature with The Rumpled “Dancing Scars”

With their latest single “Dancing Scars”, the Italian band The Rumpled once again knows how to inspire. In collaboration with our Dwight O’Reilly, a song has been created that takes the listener on an emotional journey. “Dancing Scars” tells the story of two souls who feel a deep attraction to each other but are afraid to open up completely because of past wounds.

Passionate love

Despite their fears and vulnerabilities, they plunge headlong into passionate love and accept all the uncertainties that come with it. The song captures the raw and powerful emotions of love in its purest and most exciting form. Our Dwight contributed the mandolin melody and chords to the song.

Mandolin by Dwight O’Reilly

Musically, “Dancing Scars” combines the traditional Irish sounds for which The Rumpled are known with rock and punk elements, which gives the song a special dynamic. Dwight’s mandolin plays a central role and complements the powerful guitar riffs and energetic drums perfectly.

The power of love

“Dancing Scars” is not only a musical highlight, but also a profound story about the power of love to overcome scars and fears. The single reflects the two bands’ ability to convey intense and honest stories through music and to touch their listeners deeply.

Celtic punk rock scene stands together

With this release, The Rumpled and The O’Reillys and the Paddyhats make a strong statement in the musical landscape and prove once again how close the Celtic Punk/Celtic Rock scene is. “Dancing Scars” is a must for all fans of passionate and emotional music.

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dancing scars, Feature with The Rumpled “Dancing Scars”

Find out more about The Rumpled

dancing scars, Feature with The Rumpled “Dancing Scars”

The Rumpled is a Celtic punk rock band from the Dolomites. Their sound is a mixture of Irish folk and rock, ska and punk. Their shows are full of energy. We have already been able to see this for ourselves several times live. All songs are immediately danceable, full of energy and leave no one standing still.

In terms of touring, the band has played over 250 shows in less than 5 years. After the band’s first tour in 2019 with over 40 shows, The Rumpled have graced the stages of top festivals in Italy, such as the Montelago Celtic Festival, Druidia, Abruzzo Irish Festival, Brintaal Celti Folk, Bustofolk and Rock n’ Beer in Valledoria, as well as in France (Festival du Roi Arthur, Celti’ Teulliac, Festival de Bugueles, Banana Festival, Fest D’Ailleurs), Switzerland (Sun Valley Festival, Gambarogne Opener), Austria (Ernte Punk Festival), the Netherlands (Zwarte Cross Festival) and Poland (Eko Cypel Festival).

The band has also shared the stage with artists such as: The Rumjacks, Paddy & the Rats, The Mahones, Modena City Ramblers, Vasco Rossi and many others. A very special highlight is the opportunity the band had in 2022 to support the legendary Italian superstar Vasco Rossi on his tour, performing at three iconic venues: The new Trentino Music Arena (120k+ spectators), the Ippodromo in Milan (80k+ spectators) and the Maradona Stadium in Naples (45k+ spectators).

The band has now recorded two albums, four EPs and over 9,000,000 streams on Spotify.

The Rumpled are:

Vox: Giacomo “Jack” Merigo

Fiddle: Patrizia “Patty” Vaccari

Accordion: Tommaso “Tommy” Zamboni

Guitar: Davide Butturini

Bass Guitar: Luca Tasin

Drums: Federico Fava

dancing scars, Feature with The Rumpled “Dancing Scars”