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Our new single “Raise Your Glasses High” will be released on 05.07.2024. Check out the teaser for our new music video now. The video will be released on YouTube on 09.07.2024.

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New single “Raise Your Glasses High” pre-save

Coming HomeThe time has come on 05.07.2024. Our new single “Raise Your Glasses High” is out! This energetic anthem fits perfectly with the exuberant atmosphere at our concerts. Raise a glass and celebrate life. With its unmistakable mix of traditional Irish sounds and powerful punk elements, the song “Raise Your Glasses High” is an invitation to everyone to enjoy the good times together and celebrate friendship. The song’s catchy melodies and driving rhythm make it the perfect soundtrack for any party.

To make sure you don’t miss the release of the song, you can pre-save the new single now! Just follow this link and be one of the first to hear “Raise Your Glasses High” as soon as it’s released.

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Watch the exclusive teaser for the new music video

You can now watch the teaser for the music video “Raise Your Glasses High” exclusively here!

Experience a first taste of the upcoming video and let the energy infect you: Celebrate life together and raise your glasses high!

The full music video will be released on 09.07.2024.

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