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In this Herald, we ask ourselves profound questions. Who is the best band in the world? So why should you still come to a Paddyhats concert?

The Road to the Golden Shamrock

“The Road to the Golden Shamrock”, an unwieldy but apt name (seems to be a thing of ours) as we are able to satisfy subjective musical tastes with pure sportiness. a) want to cheekily stand up to them and b) the journey is the destination. In this case, the target in question was divided into three parts, like the leaves of the “Golden Shamrock”. First and foremost, we wanted to entertain you, but we also wanted to show you new bands and network the scene better. In this article you can read whether we succeeded and who the best band in the world is (apart from the Ärzte from Berlin …from Berlin…). We explicitly recommend the Spotify playlist, in which we have put together a fine selection of the participants for you.

Why a Paddyhats concert?

It would be too easy and somehow too indecent to say “because it’s good”. The OLD GANG’S HERALD would not be the OLD GANG’S HERALD if we had not dealt with this topic scientifically. We used Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and tried to explain a Paddyhats concert. Click inside. Anyone who has ever been to a Paddyhats concert knows what we’re talking about.

New show in Munich confirmed

How fitting… New shows are confirmed! Tickets are available now. So if you answered the previous question a long time ago, buy tickets now. If you don’t feel like reading and want to have the question answered on the spot, please buy your tickets now. The next opportunity is coming soon.

See you!


Paddyhats concert, Hey gang, it’s Tom.

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