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With our anthem “Coming Home for St. Patrick’s Day” we promise you the greenest night of the year!

Irish flair with a punky chorus

The single is a perfect blend of traditional Irish flair in the verses, a punky chorus and irresistible sing-along parts, framed by upbeat instrumental parts that will get your legs moving. “The world unites on St. Patrick’s Night” – this is the message that emphasizes the connection and joy of this special day.

In addition to the release of the single, we also have a special promotion planned for you: For the music video, which will be released later, you can send in videos in which you party and dance to the music. Click here to upload the file. “Get together folks for the best time of the year”.

Live in Oberhausen

On March 22nd you can also experience this song live at the Kulttenpel in Oberhausen. Get your tickets here. All dates can be found here. The evening promises an unforgettable atmosphere full of energy: “Coming Home for St. Patrick’s Day”.

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St. Patrick's Day,Paddyhats, You want the greenest night of the year? – Check out our new single “Coming Home For St. Patrick’s Day”