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We are very excited. On 22.09.2023 our new album “Wake The Rebels” will be released. You can pre-order the album now. That’s why you should do the same.

Wake The Rebels – Pre-order now!

Dear friends of Irish folk-rock music,

The time has finally come! We are happy to share with you the exciting news: The O’Reillys and the Paddyhats will release their brand new album “Wake The Rebels” on 22.09.2023! After months of intensive work, heart and soul and passion, we are proud to present you our latest masterpiece.

Homage to traditional Irish music wrapped in a modern guise

“Wake The Rebels” is more than just an album – it’s a tribute to the tradition of Irish music, wrapped in a modern guise that will hopefully take your hearts by storm. With a captivating blend of powerful rhythms, infectious melodies and lyrically profound stories, this record can be described as a thematic cross-section of current social issues and stories.

Well, excited? Then you can pre-order “Wake The Rebels” now and make sure you are among the first to hold this album in your hands on 22.09.2023!

Why should you pre-order?

  1. Get your limited edition in our box configurator: The “Wake The Rebels” album will be released in a limited edition in a box. If you pre-order, you can put together your box according to your individual wishes and secure your copy before it is sold out.
  2. Show your support: we are incredibly grateful for our loyal supporters who have been with us on our way for years. In recent years, we have always received the same question from you when we publish them. Can’t I order directly from you? With this album, we refrain from prioritizing retailers. You can currently only get the album in our shop. So you can be sure that your hard-earned money will get to where you want it. Namely with your favorite artists (and hopefully also with us :)) With your pre-order you show your support for the band and help us to spread our music even further and release new music more easily.

How can you pre-order?

Pre-ordering “Wake The Rebels” is very easy. Just visit our official online store or access your favorite music streaming platform. Follow the links to pre-order and get your copy today!

Pre-order now

Let’s wake up the rebels together!

Be there when “Wake The Rebels” conquers the world. Secure your copy by pre-ordering and look forward to a musical experience that is sure to inspire you. Thank you for your support – we can’t wait to embark on this journey with you!

Sláinte and Prost,
Eure The O’Reillys and the Paddyhats

Pre-Order,Wake the Rebels,Paddyhats,New Album, “Wake The Rebels” will be released on 22.09.2023 – Pre-order now!
Pre-Order,Wake the Rebels,Paddyhats,New Album, “Wake The Rebels” will be released on 22.09.2023 – Pre-order now!

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