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Be part of the Paddyhats’ next music video! Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in a special way by uploading your own video for the upcoming music video for “Coming Home For St. Patrick’s Day.”

Upload video and be part of the next music video

We invite you to be part of our next music video by capturing and uploading your own St. Patrick’s Day Party. Whether you’re dancing in a pub or just enjoying the greenest of celebrations with your loved ones, we want to immortalize you and your party in our next music video.

Upload your video to our Dropbox

How does it work? Easy! Just record a short video of you and your friends celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. Whether you’re showing up dancing, preparing food, or just enjoying a stout, we want to see you celebrate the day!

Upload your video to our Dropbox and be part of our next music video for “Coming Home for St. Patrick’s Day“.

So, grab your phone and get ready to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in an unforgettable way. Upload your video today and be part of it! Slaínte!

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