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“Lads and lassies, hold on to your sails! We have a new song – “Pirates and Privateers”! 🏴‍☠️🎶

Pirate adventure on the high musical seas

You’re probably already familiar with the energetic tunes of this band, and this latest hit doesn’t disappoint at all. “Pirates and Privateers” takes you on an adventurous journey on the high seas, where pirates and buccaneers wield the scepter. Paddy’s powerful vocals paired with the rousing melody make this song a real earworm.

The song manages to capture the atmosphere of naval battles, looting and the rough life of pirates in one song. It’s like being right on board a pirate ship, feeling the wind in your hair and hearing the sound of the sea.

“Pirates and Privateers” is definitely a must-see for all fans of Celtic punk rock and for those who are looking for a good dose of adventure. So put on your pirate hat, grab the steering wheel and let us take you into the world of pirates! Yo-ho-ho and a good sip of rum. 🏴‍☠️🎸✨”

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