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The music video for our new song “Raise Your Glasses High” is about to be released on YouTube. Tune in, it will be online at 6 pm.

New single Raise Your Glasses High online since 05.07.2024

Our new single “Raise Your Glasses High” was released on 05.07.2024. You’ve also been busy clicking and playing the song on a continuous loop. Many thanks for that! You can stream the song on your favorite platform here.

New single, Hey gang, it’s Tom.

Music video from 09.07.2024, 6 pm on YouTube

The official music video for the song will be released today at 6pm. >>> Click here <<< The music video was actually created in just one day. Hard work for everyone involved on set. At this point, a huge thank you to our dear Mia, who once again managed the shoot in an absolutely meticulous and creative manner. And a big, big thank you to all the extras (around 30) who brought the best party atmosphere to a popular pub in Little Dublin. And that on a Sunday at 3.30 pm. Hats off!

We hope you like the song and the video. Feel free to write us in the comments on YouTube.


New single, Hey gang, it&#8217;s Tom.

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