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There’s a lot of news in this OLD GANG’S HERALD. Let’s not waste any time and start right away.

Last Friday, the Christmas shopping season also started in our online shop. Almost traditionally, the shopping Christmas season is now heralded for the “Black you-know-what”. Since there is probably still a company somewhere that still has some rights to “Black You-Know-What”, Friday is no longer called “Black You-Know-What”. Actually, it appeals to us to fight this out in court. However, we are in arrears with the lawyer payments due to all the small nods of our gang members. That’s why you can fully enjoy rich discounts and many new products during the “Black Sale” week. Click here for shopping.

In the last HERALD we had already announced our German tour. We can announce further dates today. We are looking forward to a small but fine tour of Poland. You will also get the first date for a headlining show in France.

Then there’s something pretty blatant for all the musicians among you. Do we have musicians in the gang? Through a feature with Thomann you can shop our equipment in Europe’s largest music store on a special page. Buy the stuff and you sound like us. For those who are up for it, it has never been easier. Have fun with this HERALD.


Gang, Hey gang, it’s Tom.

Gang, Hey gang, it’s Tom.

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