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We had a turbulent 2022. Thank you for giving us such great support! Not a matter of course.

Uiuiui… it’s been a really challenging year. Actually, we came out of the corona break quite adrenaline-filled, which was somehow not a break for us. Anyway, we definitely wanted to make a difference. That’s what we have this year. However, this year we were also moved by the departure of Sean and the newcomer Paddy. But hey… We are still here. And we are here like never before! On YouTube, we broke the 100 million views barrier. On Spotify we had more listeners than ever before and thus the most successful year in the band’s history. We had umpteen sold-out shows. And… we are on TikTok. It’s time to take a quick look back. But also time to write new stories.

Come on! New album, new music, new shows, new videos, new year: 2023, here we come!


Gang, Hey gang, it’s Tom.

Gang, Hey gang, it’s Tom.

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