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Have you heard? The Paddyhats play various shows in France. So who is not there…. is probably to blame itself. Take a look at where we’re playing.

Shows in France

Here is a brief overview of where we play in France. Currently (28.01.2023) there are three. More to come.

All shows in 2023
France, Paddyhats in France 2023 – Who is not there…

La Charité sur Loire (FR), La Goguette

About Goguette de l’île.

In 2017, a jewel box of musical culture was created on a deserted island, the Goguette de l’île, located in La Charité sur Loire. This unique place where you can eat, drink, laugh and sing. The Goguette continues the tradition. In a private garden with trees, the team of volunteers welcomes you to this exceptional place throughout the summer season. This year we wanted to offer you a varied program with different local and national groups to make everyone happy.

The association works without subsidies, so the enthusiasm of the citizens is necessary to keep this place alive. We offer you food (snacks and concert meals) and a music stage in the evening so you can go in Goguette!

You can also rest in the shade of a fruit tree! Our goal is to make music accessible to everyone. In this sense, the majority of concerts cost a symbolic price of 1€.

By supporting La Goguette, you participate in the implementation of various actions and in maintaining a well-stocked music scene. Thanks to your help, in our fourth year we were able to set up a breakfast and bread sale for locals and tourists, but also to hire two permanent employees.

Our actions are aimed at revitalizing the city of La Charité sur Loire, which is why we collaborate with various local partners. Our team welcomes you every day (see homepage). By supporting La Goguette, you help us cultivate the tastes of others.

There’s always something going on in La Goguette!

France, Paddyhats in France 2023 – Who is not there…
France, Paddyhats in France 2023 – Who is not there…
France, Paddyhats in France 2023 – Who is not there…

Buzancy (FR), Festi'Buz

Festi’Buz is a multi-genre music festival in Buzancy, northern France.

Now in its third year, Festi’buz is a family-friendly camping weekend where partygoers of all ages are welcome. In recent years, The Fatals Picards, Elmer Food Beat, Gold Diggers and Namaste have performed. A perfect way to welcome summer.

In 2023 we will finally be there. We are really looking forward to the festival with our friends in France. Be there too and grab your tickets now.

France, Paddyhats in France 2023 – Who is not there…

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  • Milloud Marie ( oui la folle ) says:

    Pour le peine , commentaire en français 😉 !!!
    C est génial que vous nous fassiez l honneur de venir en France…. Hélas encore trop loin pour moi . J attends impatiemment de nouvelles annonces plus au sud-est !

    Je sais j ai avalé des kilomètres pour vous voir à Thyon et à Wuppertal… Mais vos dates sont quasi aussi loin pour moi !

    Alors comme Léo Paul et moi , on rêve de vous revoir, et d accueillir au passage Susanna et Jörg au passage ( Christian et Nico s ils le veulent aussi … Euuuuhhh vous aussi soyons fous ! ) , Vous allez exhausser nos rêves …. N est ce pas ?

    Tiens , on est passé vers 23h du côté de Karlsruhe…. Puis cette nuit encore … Aller retour convoi humanitaire médical vers Zamosc. Mais la mission n incluait pas de faire obtenir à mes 18 co-convoyeurs ( 6 camions ) 1 autographe du groupe que j écoute le plus !

    Sée you ! 🥰

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