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Saltatio Mortis,Radio Bob,Podcast, Dwight on the Saltatio Mortis podcast presented by Radio Bob Met & Moshpit is the medieval podcast by Saltatio Mortis, presented by Radio Bob. There is a new episode every two weeks. The podcast is hosted by Jean, who receives active and technical support from Luzi.

In the last episode, our dear Dwighty (Dwight O’Reilly) was a guest and provided humorous anecdotes from the life of a paddyhat. With his unmistakable sense of humour, he had quite a few amusing stories up his sleeve about life as a paddyhat. From curious experiences on tour to the challenges of everyday life in the band – his stories not only brought laughs, but also a deeper insight into the world of paddyhats.

Together with Saltatio Mortis in the studio

The invitation to the podcast had been around for a long time because people kept running into each other at festivals. During a chamomile tea evening in the studio, the connections between our bands were intensified. That’s why a little review of the studio time together should not be missing.

Fans of both bands and lovers of medieval rock and Irish folk punk can’t miss this podcast episode. Immerse yourself in the world of Mead & Mosh pit and find out why the episode is called “Wet in the sense of wet”.

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About Saltatio Mortis

Saltatio Mortis are one of the leading bands in the genre of medieval rock. Since their formation in 2000, the German formation has continued to push the boundaries of music with their unique fusion of medieval sounds and contemporary rock.

The name “Saltatio Mortis” itself, in German “dance of death”, refers to a medieval allegory that represents the dance of people with death. This mystical connection between past and present is reflected in the band’s music, which skillfully mixes traditional instruments such as hurdy-gurdy, bagpipes and shawm with modern guitars and drums.

Saltatio Mortis has amassed an impressive discography over the years, ranging from passionate anthems to poignant ballads. With albums such as “The King’s Executioner” and “The Second Face” they have proven their artistic diversity while always preserving their roots in the Middle Ages.

The band stands out not only for their musicality, but also for their energetic live performances. Saltatio Mortis manages to transport the audience to another time, where knights, castles and mystical legends reigned. The charismatic presence of the band members, led by frontman Alea the Humble, helps create an atmospheric stage show that delights fans.

Saltatio Mortis has not only shaped the German medieval rock scene, but has also gained international recognition. With their catchy melodies, powerful lyrics and a unique combination of tradition and modernity, they have conquered a wide fan base.