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Fun Fact, Fun Fact w/ Connor – Did you know…
… that last weekend’s performance will go down in band history? Why? Never before has so much had to be improvised around a gig. Thanks, COVID.[newsletter_lock]

Fun Fact, Fun Fact w/ Connor – Did you know…Here’s what happened: 10 days before the gig, Mia wrote that she wasn’t feeling well and was going to have a PCR test. They are looking for a sub for Mia. Luckily, Coco, who has already stood in for Mia several times, is ready and waiting.

Sunday: Tom reports that his wife has tested positive and he hopes he will not test positive.

Tuesday: It is now clear that lighting technician Max will not be able to attend the weekend due to corona. Bitter!

The following Wednesday: Mia informs us that her tests are negative again. Joy!

Thursday: Tom reports that he has now tested positive. A bass sub has to be brought in. Fitzgerald, Tom’s predecessor, fortunately has time to play the gig. Puh!

Friday: Damn it… Sound engineer Thomas cannot be at the gig due to poor health. Dwight uses his contacts and gets replacements at the sound desk.

Saturday, 05:30: Mentz (Merchandise) reports that his rapid test is positive. Eve is activated, but she only came back from her night shift half an hour ago. But she is there, of course. That’s how it has to be. The departure is postponed by half an hour for her sake. In the meantime, Dwight has thrown his 24-hour ECG against the wall.

Later in the day: Arrival in Pullman City. Done! Extraordinary times require extraordinary measures. [/newsletter_lock]

Fun Fact, Fun Fact w/ Connor – Did you know…

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