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live, Back to live: we’Re on tour again

As soon as the next corona wave in Germany is at its peak, we go on tour again – back to live. We are very happy that we can finally play concerts again. During the entire pandemic, we were already of the opinion that events were actually one of the best-controlled areas of public life – if anything ever took place. And if the smell of sweat and beer is getting to your nostrils right now, you’re already well on your way to ordering tickets and shining your dancing shoes. However, we have to accept one drop of bitterness.

[newsletter_lock]Sean is unable to play concerts right now for personal reasons. We are prepared for this situation and have been able to recruit Paddy (no joke, that’s his real name), known from the Scarlet Scallywags, among others, to replace Sean for a while. Apart from the fact that he fits perfectly name-wise, we have known and appreciated each other for a while. Paddy is a great guy and a great musician. Welcome to the Paddyhats family! Where can you experience us the next times? We’ll tell you. ONLY DURING GREEN WEEK: until next Sunday you can get tickets without advance booking fee!


18.03.2022 Stuttgart // Club Cann

01.04.2022 Siegburg // Kubana (additional show)

02.04.2022 Siegburg // Kubana

29.04.2022 Wuppertal // Die Börse

06.05.2022 Oberhausen // Kulttempel

13.05.2022 Obertraubling // Eventhalle Airport

14.05.2022 Ingolstadt // Westpark

02.07.2022 Hamburg // Logo

21.07.2022 Wiesbaden // Schlachthof Kesselhaus (additional show)

22.07.2022 Wiesbaden // Schlachthof Kesselhaus

06.08.2022 Rostock // MAU Club

16.09.2022 Bremen // Tivoli

23.09.2022 Cham // LA

24.09.2022 Prag // Rock Café

08.10.2022 Berlin // Quasimodo

live, Back to live: we’Re on tour again

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