The O'Reillys and the Paddyhats
The O'Reillys and the Paddyhats
The O'Reillys and the Paddyhats

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The O'Reillys and the Paddyhats
The O'Reillys and the Paddyhats

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Join the Paddyhats Streetteam

January 18, 2019

we need your help. As you are all probably aware we are set to play several awesome shows of our own this year.


  • 02.02.2019 Paddyhats @ Sumpfblume Hameln // Tickets

  • 22.02.2019 Paddyhats @ Tower Bremen // Tickets

  • 23.02.2019 Paddyhats @ Rider's Lübeck // Tickets

  • 15.03.2019 Paddyhats @ Kulttempel Oberhausen // Tickets

  • 16.03.2019 Paddyhats @ Kubana Siegburg // Tickets

  • 17.0


    3.2019 Paddyhats @ Schlachthof Wiesbaden // Tickets

  • 18.05.2019 Paddyhats @ Luekaz Lünen

  • 16.11.2019 O´Reilly Festival Gevelsberg // Tickets


It would be awesome to get your support:



  1. First, you have to come to our shows.

  2. Second, you will help us advertise our shows and join the Paddyhats-Street-Team.



The first part already seems pretty easy as you’ll simply have to follow the ticket links. The second part is even easier though! We will send you flyers that you will simply distribute throughout your favourite pubs, clubs, bars, discos, community centers, hairdressers, supermarkets, pharmacies and so on… That’s it. No hidden shenanigans. I told you it would be easy. By helping us you will automatically be joining the Paddyhats-Street-Team. Now, for those of you who’ll be saying they don’t work for free – Do we have a surprise in store for you! You’ll be receiving a spot on the guest list of one of our shows (+1 of course) and if you are situated on the more crazy, kinky side of life you’ll even be allowed to drink your beer out of Ian’s belly button… Let me tell you, it’s something you’ll never forget.


We would really appreciate it, if you’d allow us to send you flyers in order to spread the word, get more people to come to our shows in March and keep adding to our phenomenal fan base!


If you are willing to help send us an e-mail to with your contact data and we will take care of the rest. Thanks to all of you in advance!






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