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Gang, We got our first taste of stage air in 2022. First we were guests in the beautiful Pullmann City, before we played our first club show in Stuttgart the following week and then in the beautiful Thyon in the Swiss Alps. It was wonderful to meet some of you at these gigs!

Next weekend we will play a double show at the Kubana in Siegburg. The Saturday is sold out, but for Friday, 01.04. tickets are still available. If you like our coveted hard tickets, you can still buy them in our online shop until Friday. We will leave the tickets for you at the box office.

There are also a lot of new shows coming up at Paddyhats. Before we show you where you can see us everywhere this year, Dougal fromthe official fan club would like to say a few words to you:

Hi there Lads and Lasses,

big events are casting their shadows ahead – if you listen carefully in Siegburg this weekend, you may already have an inkling. Stay excited and healthy. Monday we’ll have the resolution with some fine goodies. See you at the Kubana. Slàinte.

Your Dougal

Well, we are very excited and look forward to the coming weekend.


Gang, Hey gang, it’s Tom.

Gang, Hey gang, it’s Tom.

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