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We’re playing a lot of festivals this year. We are very much looking forward to it. Festivals are the salt in the summer soup, the 6-5-4 formation against Bayern. Check out which festivals we see each other at.

New festivals in Germany

The festivals in Germany can come. This year we will be at the start of numerous festivals. We are very much looking forward to it.

Made in Ireland 2023ratiopharm arena, Europastraße 25Tickets

Westerstede RHODO 2023EWE Shop Westerstede, Zum Stadtpark 2Tickets

Open Air am Berg bei Eichstätt 2023Am Berg bei Eichstätt, Kinderdorfstraße 6Tickets

Fonsstock Festival 2023Fonsstock Festival, Strandallee 10Tickets

Irish Folk Open Air Poyenberg 2022Gemeinde Poyenberg, Hennstedter Str. 12Tickets

Folkfield FestivalAmphitheater Gelsenkirchen, Grothusstraße 201Tickets

Elbenwald Festival 2023Spreeauen Park, Kiekebuscher Allee 3Tickets

All festivals in 2023
Festivals, New festivals in Germany

Westerstede, RHODO 2023

RHODO 2023 in Westerstede

The well-known rhododendron show from 13 to 21 May 2023 will be a very special “event without borders”: At the climax of the 900th Rhododendron Show. On the anniversary of Westerstede, the bright colours of countless rhododendrons, azaleas and other natural beauties can be admired not only in the historic city centre but also in the streets and alleys of the state-approved resort. Some even beyond the time of RHODO. Beauty to beauty, paddy hats on the RHODO.

Festivals, New festivals in Germany
Festivals, New festivals in Germany
Festivals, New festivals in Germany

Nordenham, Fonsstock Festival

The Fonsstock is a festival organized by volunteers with visitor-friendly drink prices and a lineup with a good dose of punk rock in the buttocks.

We like to come to have fun with you. If you want, we will also kick your buttocks well-groomed.

Festivals, New festivals in Germany

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